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Retro Sports Cars was established in 2012 and is run by  Chris and Dawn Flanagan.

Chris is our technician with over 25 years as a MG Rover factory  trained Vehicle Technician and Auto Electrician.


He is well known for his ability to test the boundaries of what's possible and he can't resist a challenge! Chris's  greatest achievements so far include a V6 engined MG TF and a 2 door coupe version of the MG ZT complete with a wide body kit and a 32 valve Mustang V8! Have a look in the Our Work section for more info.

Through Chris's passion for MG, Lotus and Caterham there's nothing he doesn't know about the K series engine and its quirks!

Over the last few years Retro Sports Cars has been actively trying to reunite all the MG SV parts and body moulds and now have the largest stock of MG SV parts in the UK.

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