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MG3 1.8 K SeriesTurbo

We wondered whether adding the K series 1.8 turbo engine would give the MG3 the same feeling as the ZR 160, a modern hot hatch! With a Kmaps custom tune it has reached 250+ bhp and gives a great, well balanced drive.

First job was to trial fit the engine and work out what fabrication is needed and develop the engine mounts. The Kseries turbo fitted really well in the MG 3 engine bay. 


When upgrading the engine it is hugely important to also upgrade the braking capacity. The standard MG3 brakes were not substantial enough for the uprated engine so Chris upgraded the discs and pads on the front and installed different hubs on the rear to enable him to use discs and pads on the rear.


Engine fitted, all coolant pipes and air ducting sorted.


The suspension on the MG3 was developed by Vehicle Handling Solutions.

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