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Here at Retro Sports Cars we are proud to be the Lotus centre and Northern authorised dealer for Kmaps.

As a K series specialist , we offer MEMS 3 upgrades - the ecu system fitted to four cylinder petrol cars made after 2000, developed by ex MG Rover engineer Mark Stacey.

The core of the service is to offer noticeable improvements by optimising your ecu settings.

The gains for  K series engines, whether a Caterham, Lotus or MG, are stronger midrange/peak output, revised limiter and smoother idle (to alleviate the classic Caterham gearbox idle rattle!), crisper throttle response, better fuel economy and 8-10% power gain.

But thats not all, the package also offers..

Rev limit resetting

Further ignition/fuelling/idle optimisation where needed (cam upgrades etc)

Engine MIL light elimination

(to free up catalyst/exhaust choice)

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