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Lotus and Caterham engine upgrades


Retro Sports Cars is a Lotus and Caterham repair specialist, offering servicing, repairs , MOTS and alongside our   Kmaps association we can also offer noticeable gains for your Caterham  or Lotus K series installation - stronger midrange/peak output, revised limiter and smoother idle (to alleviate the classic Caterham gearbox idle rattle!)



We have upgrades for Roadsport and Supersport as well as bespoke settings for unique cam specification/injector flow etc. We can assist with cam upgrades and even the installation of a vvc head for an even smoother power delivery with significant power gains- our Caterham 1.6 was taken from 120 bhp in standard form to 165 bhp with a vvc head and remap.



















Lotus Elise

The performance upgrade is achieved by fitting your Elise with a remap package based upon the MG Rover ecu - which was originally designed to accompany the K series engine. The fitment is straightforward and once installed the ecu can be programmed with one of the effective upgrade tunes on file. This will provide an immediate performance and economy gain, in addition, you will have a fully reprogrammable unit that can cater for any further engine hardware updates/ reset rev limiter etc.

Our expert ecu diagnostic equipment will continue to ensure the engine stays in optimum running condition.

In comparison with other aftermarket units this manufacturer produced ecu gives much greater hardware longevity to withstand fatigue/extreme temperatures etc coupled with the pedigree approach offered by the original K series factory mapping engineers. The service has the added bonus of being around 50% of the cost of a less specialised aftermarket unit!

So whether you are simply looking to enhance your everyday Elise or tune a full race spec car we can provide an expert solution - at a very competive price and with more durability!

This expert approach means having the ability to provide more than just a power tweak - we can also dial in an overun exhaust burble (strangely addictive!)and can even offer a calibration for turbo projects such as the installation of a 200bhp/270Nm K turbo engine...

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